Why Visiting a Physical Therapist Every Year Is Necessary

Have you ever wondered on why do renowned sportsperson, men and women with well-toned muscles, often have to go through cervical, knee and back pain like their adherents who dig out long hours from their busy schedule just to watch and see them win on television?

When you do an activity over and over again, your body adapts to that activity.

– Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, professor emerita of physical therapy at Washington University School of Medicine

Hence, if you are a karate player and love doing it regularly, your hips and legs get over muscled. If you are a golf or badminton player, your “most-used” arm gets sturdierand bigger in size.

Though you sit idle or are less on physical activity, your shoulders slump, neck grows larger etc. Either your body over-frames certain muscular groups or it fails to support the muscle changes – could be seen in the form of cramps, stiffness etc.

This is actually the reason that lets healthcare specialists to suggest why Visiting a Physical Therapist annually Is Necessary. It should be taken as seriously as an annual dental and cardio checkup. It has been researched that most people visits a dental clinic atleast two times in a year and invests heftily to straighten their teeth or other dentistry needs. However, other parts of the body remain neglected.

It’s a myth that people should go for physical therapy only when suffering an injury or to treat any joint disorder non-invasively. With proven results, physical therapists have now stepped ahead in this field of preventative method, applying sophisticated investigation of how you sit, turn, bend and walk gradually develops disproportionate muscles that can cause severe uneasiness.

Recent studies reveal that younger ones basically, don’t sit in a right posture. So, they slump as well, thereby finally making it a habit to sit with pressure in the middle of their back. Unluckily, they are too small to understand that human body has specific bones at their spine base which help in sitting straight.That posture in regular use stretches the muscular joints restricting its functionality for future.

Physical Therapists have even considered IT professionals and their sitting pattern. They have come up with techniques that involve ergonomics. Your body’s position should be dynamic and not get stiff to a chair, say experts.

Surprisingly, fashion en-vogue is also somewhere held responsible for this growing concern of muscular and joint issues in teenagers. For decades, it was seen that the gluteal cleft had been used as waistline by trendy teen shopaholics. People were confused as how it is possible to wear apparel with belt setting the legs together. Indeed,it had been humorous sometimes.

Undergoing Physical therapy checkup is essential to see your mobility system’s proper functionality.You should visit the specialists ever if your insurance portfolio doesn’t covers it up. After all , it’s truly said that – “Prevention is better than cure.”