Why Alcohol Is Bad For Health?

Before thinking about the topic, let us ask one question. Why do we drink alcohol? We drink to have fun and to chill out with our buddies. The numbing sensation that alcohol provides lets us forget all our worries and go break the limits. But is it worth all the problems it can cause?

Lately, we have heard thousands of news related to alcohol abuse, drink and drive cases on the front page. One in every third person is confined in the cage of alcohol. It has not even spared the celebrities to be its slave. Let it be 190 Proof Ethyl Alcohol or certified organic alcohol, the havoc it causes is same. Alcohol has been driving every person in the world like crazy. The euphoria of alcohol is hard to resist. But the trouble it comes along is also hard to ward off.

  • A stoppage of the heart beat

Low dose of alcohol is good for your health. But as excess of everything is trouble, overdose of alcohol can lead to heart related diseases. It lowers the blood cell count and simultaneously hinders the path of blood to the heart. This subsequently results in the heart stroke and attack.

  • Blocks the impact of other medication

Presence of high level of alcohol in blood results in less impact of other medications to body. Other medications cannot survive the thick surge of alcohol dipped blood cells. The 5% concentration difference in 190 Proof Ethyl Alcohol doesn’t help.

  • Blackouts

A small peg cannot erode you of your memories, but a large one can. Alcohol when consumed in huge amount can result in continuous blackouts and loss of memory. You might have acted insane for hours but still have no clue about it the next morning. Many movies have taken this theme and garnered success.

  • Accidents

How can you forget, accidents when you are talking about alcohol? Alcohol dosage is directly related to accidents. The more drinks you have, the more damage you do to yourself. There are thousands of drunk and drive cases pending in the courtroom. It has taken many a lives in the past few years. It has been difficult to drive at night, thanks to drunkards roaming in the streets.

  • A blow to the social status

How can you expect to drink all the time and become a social symbol at the same time? As oil and water don’t mix, same is the case with alcohol and good reputation. Every celebrity is terrified of getting the drunkard tag on his head. Any person that goes haywire comes back thinking of his reputation.

Weakening of the immune system

Immune system is made of white blood cells and their fighting mechanism. After a heavy dose of alcohol, the white blood cells also go in a merry state and this weakens the immune system. Even certified organic alcohol is no less damaging.

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