How Regular Exercise Keeps You Fit and Healthy

Along with eating a balanced diet, regular physical movements are also necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind. These two together can improve your general health, boost your energy and levels of concentration. Regular exercise makes your body more flexible, strengthen your muscles, reduce weight and helps in digestion. The most common healthy problems that elderly people face are obesity, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and arthritis. Exercise has several known health benefits like reducing the risk of heart diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol, controlling diabetes, managing arthritis, etc. Exercising also benefits elderly persons to maintain their mobility and strength.

How exercise can help elderly persons manage their health issues

Obesity in due course often results in arthritis or other mobility related problems. Regular exercises  provide a lot of benefit to such people since it helps to maintain the flexibility of joints, increase their range of movements, and build up postural strength.

The next most common problem that comes with old age is hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. This happens since the flexibility of heart muscles also reduce with old age. Factors like abnormal lipid levels, obesity and sedentary lifestyle are the major reasons for cardiovascular diseases and from this conditions. Scientific evidences show that reducing these factors reduces the chances of cardiac arrests or strokes. Regular exercise is said to have a favorable effect on most of the risk factors for cardiovascular ailments. For example, regular exercise promotes the reduction of body weight; thus, reducing the bad cholesterol levels and raising the good cholesterol levels in the blood, increases the heart’s efficiency to pump blood thus reducing hypertension. Melbourne personal trainers have a special program to help seniors over these problems.

Diabetes is another problem that effects elderly people. It is seen that exercise causes major changes in glucose homeostasis.. But since there is a difference in hormone efficiency between type 1 and type2 diabetes, it is important to keep a check on the blood sugar levels before and after exercise so that you don’t become hypoglycemic after the regime. Also, the type of exercise that will benefit the two types of diabetic patients differ from each other. Hence, it is important to consult professional experts like Melbourne personal trainers in order to obtain the maximum benefits while avoiding the associated health risks.

There is an old saying ‘health is wealth’. But with an all round development of our lifestyles what people have started to ignore is their health. Innovated their methods of cooking, using new ingredients, use of advanced equipments, all this has resulted in a sedentary lifestyle with more and more calories being consumed. In this scenario, regular exercise seems to be a necessary step to maintain good health and stay fit.